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Nailmaille® began as an extension of traditional chainmaille. When an artist explores beyond what they’ve learned, and asks “I wonder if I could…” And it turns out, they can.

These are not standard bent nails; they are surgical grade stainless (316L), polished to a luster that is not expected from hardware. The jewelry is handmade as are the tools that Mike designs to create this one of kind jewelry. Our line includes jewelry for men and women in bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, key chains, rings, wallet chains and more.


Mike Wille

Mike Wille is the creator and founder of Nailmaille®. Mike is a welder/fabricator with over 20 years of experience, and has been an artist of mixed media since he was a teenager. With his tig-welding talent, he created the original Nailmaille® unbreakable heart which became the foundation for Nailmaille’s® art jewelry product line.

In addition to Nailmaille®, Mike creates geometric yard sculptures, and builds tools and machines that are used for anything from jewelry design to industrial mechanics repairs.

Mike’s work has been featured in the Black Box Diamond Gallery of Jewelry Design, and the "Calendar for a Cure" motorcycle calendar. His work has been featured at the Illinois Artisans Museum Shop and Blue Buddha Boutique in Chicago, as well as various art shows and dealer events with Harley Davidson.


Michael J. Munke

Mike "Munke" is a Nailmaille® artist and event rep extraordinaire. He has worked as an apprentice under Mike Wille since 2010.

In the beginning, his talent for backstage appearances and "being with the band" helped Nailmaille® make its mark underground in the music industry. Currently, he dedicates his time to being a front-man at events, building displays, and sales management.

His scope of work also includes creation of the Nailmaille® bikini seen at most events and featured in the 2013 Kona Chris Calendar for a Cure, the Nailmaille® skirt, and the custom "Ria" necklaces made upon request.


Jessica K

Jessica is the business end of Nailmaille®. In addition to being Mike Wille's little sister, she earned a degree in Entrepreneurship at DePaul University, and puts that tuition money to good use running the day to day Nailmaille® business.

She is the marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, event, social media, and website coordinator. In addition, she’s the beauty behind the brains and represents Nailmaille® with Munke at events nationwide.


Follow us at facebook.com/Nailmaille Art Jewelry and Instagram @Nailmaille