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We love seeing who wears Nailmaille®. If you have photos, please share with us on Facebook and you too can become part of the Nailmaille® family. 

Nailmaille® is original art, founded by Mike Wille in 2009. All art jewelry is handcrafted including the tools that Mike designs to create this unique stainless jewelry. Finished pieces are exceptional quality; accept no imitations.

Slideshow of Nailmaille® Family 



Gallery of Nailmaille® Family

david-w-mega.jpg ashley-shopped.jpg ellie.jpg
001.jpg 002.jpg 008.jpg
003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg
007.jpg 010.jpg  2015-04-12-15.54.40.jpg
 011.jpg  014.jpg  013a.jpg
 006.jpg  013b.jpg  017.jpg
 018.jpg  019.jpg  024.jpg
 020.jpg  025.jpg  021.jpg
 031.jpg  026.jpg  032.jpg
 034.jpg  033.jpg  037.jpg
 040.jpg  038.jpg  039.jpg
 042.jpg  036.jpg  045.jpg
 041.jpg  044.jpg  043.jpg
 047.jpg  049.jpg  048.jpg
 046.jpg  050.jpg  bb-girls-heart-collar.jpg